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Welcome To Unsung

We are identifying extraordinary individuals from oppressed groups (women, LGTBQ+, disabled, BAME, & neuro-diverse) throughout history who have positively contributed to mainstream society in the developed world, yet not been recognised, remembered, or celebrated for it.

These people are the unsung heroes that the world should know about. For short, we call them Unsung.

We’ve broadly grouped our unsung heroes together under Science/Medicine, Inventors, and Other ‘others’ (mainly those who had a social impact, or who don’t fit into the other categories), as well as by LGBTQ+, BAME, Women, & Disabled heroes.

If you notice that neurodivergent Unsung (eg asperger’s/autism) are under-represented in our gallery, it’s because the autistic spectrum has only been recognised relatively recently. We’re not keen on assumed retrospective diagnoses of historical people who may (or may not) have been on it.

This is a live project done in our spare time, not for profit. Feel free to link, reuse, & share the contents of this site, liberally. As we have more time, we’ll add more Unsung and more categories for you to filter from (eg Civil rights + Disabled or Arts & LGBTQ+).

If you know of Unsung who really should be in this collection for the world to honour, please tell us via the form below. We’ll research them & add them to our gallery as soon as we’re able.

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